About - The Redfords

Our events photographer is on hand to capture those unique relaxed dance floor moments at no extra cost. Pictures of the evening are loaded to a private dedicated website. Clients are able to download their favourite low resolution images free of charge. High resolution images are available from The Redfords for a small fee, these are provided on a USB stick or prints. We also upload a selection of these photos to our Facebook and Instagram page and tag the wedding venue. This not only puts the venue in the spotlight but allows family and friends in the photo to tag themselves meaning more people can share amazing memories of the celebration.

Party Hats and Dance floor Photo Booth - After the formal first dance is over, people like to let their hair down and party, in the second band set we introduce the audience to our now famous box of party hats, wigs, masks and crazy glasses. This injects added energy into the evening. All of the time our photographer is capturing images. This unique feature has proven very successful and we call it our “Dance Floor Photo Booth”

"We had the best day and loved every single song! Everyone loved the hats, can't wait to see the pictures that were taken!"

Robyn and James Great Fosters

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